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  • DATE: 26-04-2020
  • PLACE: Central African Republic





Ione medico centrafrica

My Tips – Central African Republic

The Central African Republic is a very poor and insecure country, so you need to prepare yourself for the trip. If you find yourself going there, there are some things not to be missed. My Tips – Central African Republic

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letture africa

Recommended books – Africa

Kapushinski, reporter who told a lot about Africa; Ngozi Adichie, writer who made Biafra’s drama vivid; Camus and his “Stranger”. Recommended reading – Africa

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Angelo and public health at the times of coronavirus

Angelo has lived and worked in the Central African Republic for 15 years. He made a radical change of life and, while he was in Central Africa as a layman, he decided to become a Betharamite friar and for 10 years he has managed a health center in Bouar, in the west of the country , almost at the border with Cameroon. He assists around 1000 AIDS affected people among which there are 100 orphan children.

In the Central African Republic, the first case of Covid19 was reported in mid-March. To date, 22 cases have been declared by the Ministry of Health, including imported cases arrived in Bangui by land.

Considering how the population lives and the situation of neighbouring states, the situation can only get worse. In fact, the restriction decisions are not observed, public transport, markets are still open. For now, schools, university and churches are closed. At the borders, especially the one with Cameroon, although there is an order not to let anyone pass, people continue to arrive in the Central African Republic.

All this situation, in the coming months, will probably lead to an increase in cases, not only in Bangui.

Unfortunately, the health system of the Central African Republic is dilapidated, the swabs can be performed only in Bangui, 450 km away from Bouar. The work being done is to make the population aware of the minimum hygiene standards as much as possible. All telephone companies send texts and there are announcements via radio and television about prevention.

Angelo is trying to act fast in purchasing first aid material (masks, gloves, alcohol solutions for hand disinfection, etc.) thanks to external funding, and tries to prepare with his community in case the epidemic spreads.

Angelo Centrafrica