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  • DATE: 01-04-2020
  • PLACE: Central African Republic


letture africa

Recommended books – Africa

Kapushinski, reporter who told a lot about Africa; Ngozi Adichie, writer who made Biafra’s drama vivid; Camus and his “Stranger”. Recommended reading – Africa

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  • The first tip for the Central African Republic is that it is a very insecure country, not recommended for tourism. It is one of the poorest countries in the world, even today conflicting factions are fighting each other.
  • Before leaving, be careful to make all the vaccines useful for travel to tropical countries. An antimalarial prophylaxis may be helpful.
  • It was one of the last countries to be conquered by the French in the early twentieth century. It is very rich in resources and represented a sort of "reserve" for colonialists. It is sprinkled with tropical forests and the earth is red and ferrous. If it were more stable, it could become an eco-tourism destination like Gabon.
  • The climate is tropical, it is located on the equator line and the days have 12 hours of light and 12 of dark. It is good to dress in white or light colors and with cotton clothes.
  • In Central African Republic 80 ethnic groups live together and everyone speaks their own language, while the lingua franca is Sango. English is not spoken, but French is generally understood.
  • Usually you arrive by plane to the capital's airport, Bangui, Bangui M'Poko International Airport. Air France is the only company flying to and from Europe.
  • If you are in Bangui, it may be worth visiting the Musée Ethnograhique Barthélémy Boganda, the country's national museum with a decent collection of traditional weapons and instruments.
  • For a trip just outside the capital we can visit the Chutes de Boali, a series of waterfalls that greatly increase their flow during the rainy season.
  • Prehistoric cave paintings can be found in different locations, but some of the best can be found in Bambari.
  • Near the city of Bouar, almost on the border with Cameroon, megaliths are positioned in concentric circles and are remains of the ancient peoples of the area.
  • Wandering around in a local market can be of great interest, but better watch out for thefts!
  • Some tribes of pygmies still live in Central African Republic and these are one of the main attractions of the few tourists who reach the country. Possible activities include: hunting with traditional weapons / devices, collection of medicinal plants with the women of the village, participation in a night of music and dance.
  • It is possible to make small safaris in the forest of the special reserve of Dzangha-Sangha in search of gorillas, elephants and chimpanzees. This visit is often combined with a stay in a pygmy village.