PEOPLE STORIES people stories but also travel tips and books tells the stories of people I meet in my everyday life and in my travels. I hope to dispel myths and open the eyes to new cultures, shorten distances and make people appreciate what is “different”.

If you want to read the series #20quarantinestories click here, I am collecting stories about people facing this coronavirus emergency period around the world.

In the Italian part of the website, you will find also some videos of the series #Parole recorded with Massimo Buratti.

My motto is always – even when I am traveling – that meeting with people is more important than visiting places, that is why in the logo you find “People more than places”. people more than places!

Click on the stories of people I met, for me they have been inspiring! They let me open to different cultures and ways of living and resize the judgment.

Now, also Alessandra from South Korea, Giselle from Argentina and Iulia from Romania are contributing to this blog, so here you will find their stories as well! people stories and more, you will also find small tips on what struck me about the places I have been or useful information to organize your trip. You will also find recommended readings – books – according to the places because reading helps me to get deeply into a culture and appreciate it.

Come around with me, there are so many beautiful people!

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Blog creator, passionate about travel, psychology, writing, reading, takes you around the world ... here the bio.

Alessandra testo


Originally from Calabria, today she lives in Seoul and takes you around South Korea among flavors, places, culture and people. Here the bio.

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Italian roots but authentic Argentine, Giselle lives in Buenos Aires and takes you around South America and beyond. Here her bio.

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She lives in Bucharest and loves to browse the villages of Transylvania, meet people and explore their community life. Here her bio.



Cristina walks, therefore she is. She lives in Milan and tells about the journeys she has made around the world, with very useful tips to prepare. Here the bio.



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