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  • DATE: 01-04-2020
  • PLACE: Africa


Ione medico centrafrica

My Tips – Central African Republic

The Central African Republic is a very poor and insecure country, so you need to prepare yourself for the trip. If you find yourself going there, there are some things not to be missed. My Tips – Central African Republic

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recommended books - AFRICA

la metà di un sole giallo

La metà di un sole giallo
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Nigeria, the Biafra war told through the story of intertwining destinies: the very different twins Olanna and Kainene, raised in the Nigerian elite between Abuja and London; Odenigbo, the idealist professor; Richard, the Englishman with ache of Africa and Ugwu, the young servant. Their main link – which will also capture Richard – is that of belonging to the Igbo ethnic group and to the tuff in 1967 in the dream of Biafra independence.

Another day of life Ryszard Kapuscinski

The Polish journalist also witnesses the Angolan revolution. He tells of his life during the siege of Luanda, which had become a closed city, among the Portuguese who try to escape, the police and all the people he meets, often humble people with whom he shares the days … including Charlotte, the young woman and beautiful soldier of which Kapuscinski makes an unforgettable portrait. This is one of the reporter’s books not to be missed, a piece of history that is still a symbol of the divided Africa.

ancora un giorno
lo straniero

The stranger Albert Camus

Monsieur Meursault is a Franco-Algerian, an ordinary employee who lives in Algiers in the cage of routine. His mother, maman, passes away and he reacts to the episode with an almost supernatural apathy. On a hot day he takes a walk by the sea and during a trivial fight he kills – he doesn’t even know how – an Arab. He turns to the authorities and goes to jail. For the last few days before the death sentence, he is trapped in the slow agony of a lucid and recurring thought that is eviscerated page after page, “how will it be to die?”.

Travels with Herodotus Ryszard Kapuscinski

This is absolutely my favorite Kapuscinski book. The stories of Herodotus and his time and those of the life of the Polish journalist run in parallel. The reporter life starts from a very poor childhood, to the first trips to India, then to China, Africa, Iran and again Africa. There is a lot about Africa in this book, Kapuscinski told the story of many of the revolutions that African states have led to free themselves from colonial powers. But there is also a lot of the journalist himself and of Herodotus “Stories” masterpiece that has been his most authentic travel companion especially at the beginning of his career, and which led him to define the ancient Greek author as the first true reporter of history.

In viaggio con Erodoto