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  • DATE: 16-04-2020
  • PLACE: #imstayinghome





recommended books - Iran

Recommended books – Iran

Kader Abdolah (The house of the mosque) for intimate Islam, and Marsha Mehran (Margaret Tatcher beauty institute) for nostalgia and poetry. Some of the recommended books – Iran

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Avicenna and the word quarantine

This short story about Avicenna is related to a small survey done on my Instagram in which I asked if there was interest in listening to stories of how people live this quarantine time around the world. 87% answered yes, so this is the launch of this stories’ series!

The goal is to tell 20 QUARANTINE STORIES, it is still unknown when this period will end, so I will start publishing!

To start I asked myself … where does the word QUARANTINE comes from? The ancient Persian AVICENNA – or Ibn Sinā – in 1025 published The Canon of Medicine and here theorized a 40-day period of isolation to prevent the spread of disease.


Who is Avicenna?

Avicenna (980-1037 AD) was a Persian physician, philosopher, mathematician, logician and physicist, born in present-day Uzbekistan. His most famous works are “The book of healing” and “The canon of medicine” (or Qānūn) and is considered by many to be the father of modern medicine.

On his tomb, located in Hamedan in Western Iran, a high tower that stands at the entrance to the city was erected and is surrounded by silent gardens. The construction dates to the Qajar period and was restored on the thousandth anniversary of its birth.

Once you enter the building that houses the tomb, 12 columns surround the marble stone resting on its remains. On the walls are engraved 20 verses dedicated to the one who was one of the greatest scientists of all time. Nearby, a garden in the middle of which stands a statue of Avicenna intent on reading.

And then… what?

These are some news about Avicenna and the place where you can find his footsteps … the next quarantine stories will concern artists, psychologists, doctors, social workers, teachers, mothers, and all of them cross borders and continents … If you want to tell me your story or that of someone you care about, write me through the contact form!

Avicenna #40storiediquarantena