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  • DATE: 22-09-2020
  • PLACE: islands of South Korea


My tips - The islands of South Korea

Suggested by Alessandra

  • The best known Korean islands where you can spend a weekend are Namahe, Gojae and Teongyoung
  • Use airbnb or to book your accommodation. I recommend reserving a hanok , the traditional Korean houses (bed on the floor) in which to share the house with the owners and taste a traditional breakfast will make the experience even more authentic.
  • Jeju Island is Korea's most famous island and can be reached within 1 hour by flight from Seoul. Jeju information is easy to find online.
  • Jeju isn't the only island worth a visit. The south coast of Korea is made up of hundreds of islands of different sizes, the largest of which are connected to the mainland by bridges. If you want to explore rural Korea, don't miss them! Explore temples on green hills with sea views, rice terraces and eat fresh fish.
  • Rent a car in Busan or Suncheon (international driving license required) and drive to the islands. Panoramic views all around. Driving away from the chaos of the city is very relaxing.
  • Other beaches? Deep water on the east coast. Gangneung and YangYang (surfers' beach) can be reached by KTX (fast train) and bus from Seoul respectively.
Namhae Island 2
Namhae island
isole corea sud - Namhae
Namhae island