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  • DATE: 22-09-2020
  • PLACE: Seoul


korea map

South Korea


The girl on the 22nd floor

Alessandra from Seoul, South Korea

There are things like the humidity on a beach facing the stormy sea – the perfect blend of water and salt – that sticks to you until it penetrates every single pore of your skin. Slowly, while we experience a feeling of annoyance mixed with acceptance towards them, those things wrap moments, hours, days, years that we have chosen to pack and carry around the world. They do it as layers of packaging for fragile objects in the attempt to preserve them. They are places, smells, sounds. Images. It’s the gray sky or, rather, the humidity at the exit from Gongdeok station – which is the furthest thing from a beach – that stuck on me on July 28, 2017. It’s the arrival to a new place to call home: Seoul!

My life in Korea

I have always lived on the second or third floor of buildings that had at most six. From heights of nine to ten meters, people do not appear silhouettes, but people; the cars do not seem to be on model tracks, but on roads; the parks and avenues do not look like villages for gnomes, but green lungs where those people who do not look like silhouettes, but people, play, relax and stroll. The surrounding buildings, an obstacle to the horizontal view, stimulate the imagination leading us to imagine the spaces beyond them, which then turn out to be totally different from expectations when they are crossed for the first time.

Life on the twenty-second floor has immediately become the symbol of my Asian life, an opportunity to open up to new perspectives and see with the heart and mind, not only with the eyes, what we perceive to be extremely distant from us, from our values , from our living.

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About me

Always in company of my camera, I like to tell about places and people through the light they absorb and reflect. My mouth cannot hold back the enthusiasm of my mind for what my eyes observe and the camera freezes in the memory. I am constantly looking for “beauty”: in places, experiences and above all in people. Curious by nature, I have often found beauty in differences, a gift that allows me to foster empathy and tolerance. As a dear friend of mine passionate about astrology would say, the precision of the Virgo is combined in me with the concept of enjoyable living of the Pig (in my Chinese horoscope), the organization with the ability to adapt to different situations. This mix contributes to make me a cheerful person loving company, especially around a good table full of delights from the world.  

In the everyday life? Trained as a scientist, I have lived in several countries; I’m currently involved in science diplomacy in South Korea.

You can check out my pictures on flickr here.

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