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  • DATE: 22-09-2020
  • PLACE: Gyeongju & Busan


My tips - Gyeongju & Busan

Suggested by Alessandra

  • Communication in English is more difficult than in Seoul, but manageable, people are extremely kind in rural areas
  • Use airbnb or to book your accommodation. Book your stay in a hanok, traditional Korean houses (floor bed).
  • To plan travel and use public transport, you can use Never Maps , it works great even outside Seoul! The KTX (high speed) station in Gyeongju is called Seogyeongju and is a bit far from the center.
  • The historical heritage of Korea was mostly destroyed during the Japanese domination and Korean war. However, if in Seoul tourists can learn about the Joseon dynasty, in Gyeongju, the ancient capital of Korea, they can learn about the Shillas'one.
  • Worth seeing to explore the dynasty's history and religious culture: Palace, Grotto, Temple, Museum, Observatory , are located a short distance from Gyeongju and can be reached by public transport or by taxi.
  • Visit the palace in the evening, with lights is more suggestive.
  • Combine the visit with some days in Busan, by bus 40 minutes only.
  • Busan is the 2nd biggest city in Korea and a summer destination because of its beaches. Don't miss the fish market, Gamcheon Village, Heungdae beach.
Gyeongju downtown
vedere Gyeongju
Shilla Palace in the evening, Gyeongju
IMG 5682 (1)
Hanok with typical music intruments
vedere busan
Gamcheon Village in Busan
IMG 5845 (1)
Heungdae beach in Busan