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  • DATE: 07-03-2020
  • PLACE: Teheran


recommended books - Iran

Recommended books – Iran

Kader Abdolah (The house of the mosque) for intimate Islam, and Marsha Mehran (Margaret Tatcher beauty institute) for nostalgia and poetry. Some of the recommended books – Iran

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  • The first of Tehran tips is about arriving at the airport. The visa can be done directly there, but to avoid too many queues, you can book it through the online procedure and then pass via the consulate. At the airport, change some money (about 50 euros) and buy a sim with internet data, it will make your life easier.
  • For women it is mandatory to wear the Hijab, the veil that covers the head and neck, and I also recommend - to mix better with the population - to wear a manteau, a sort of "coat" of various fabrics that should conceal body shapes. For men, on the other hand, short-sleeved trousers and T-shirts should be avoided, even if with tourists’ authorities usually turn a blind eye.
  • On the subway, the last wagon is reserved for women. In the other wagons, women travel only if accompanied by men. I have made many mistakes and I felt a bit like a Martian, the women's wagon is usually less crowded.
  • Tehran is a very large but relatively young metropolis (it was founded 400 years ago), which hosts 12 million inhabitants according to official estimates, probably many more and in fact it is very busy! The metro works well, but taxis are also very cheap. The richest and "reformist" part is in the north, while the historical and more "traditional" part is located in the south.
  • The attractions not to be missed - if you have very little time - are surely those between the metro stops Imam Khomeini and Panzadah-e Khordad (red line), which correspond to the oldest district (south).
  • A "must-see" for the first stay in Tehran concerns the visit to the Golestan Palace, pearl of Qajar architecture: it is the emblem of the dynasty that made Tehran the capital.
  • Not far from the Golestan Palace, there is the National Archaeological Museum that is definitely worth a visit: an unmissable treasure of archaeological and artistic finds that testify to the life and grandeur of ancient and post-Islamic Persia.
  • Always in the same district, you will find the Grand Bazaar. Huge and full of life, it is the image par excellence of the constant swarming of the capital.
  • Outside the center, don't miss the Tabiat Bridge: modern and illuminated with colored lights in the evening, it is full of restaurants and cafes worthy of every major world capital.
  • North of Tehran you will find Mount Tochal, which can be reached via the village of Darband, where there are tea rooms and places to smoke shisha and which can be easily reached from Tajrish square.
  • Remember that in Iran it is forbidden to drink alcohol and dance in public places, therefore night activities are limited to dinners in restaurants or evening tea, or even, in some very specific areas of the city, to walks and picnics.
  • If you stay in Tehran for a few days, do not miss a trip to Mount Damavand, natural beauty to be discovered, it is an extinct volcano and the most important mountain in Iran, ideal to disconnect from the city frenzy.
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