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  • DATE: 12-04-2019
  • PLACE: Shiraz


recommended books - Iran

Recommended books – Iran

Kader Abdolah (The house of the mosque) for intimate Islam, and Marsha Mehran (Margaret Tatcher beauty institute) for nostalgia and poetry. Some of the recommended books – Iran

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  • From Shiraz you can easily rent a car with driver to visit Persepolis (the city of Darius), Pasargade (the city of Cyrus the Great) and Naqsh-e Rostam with the tombs of the Great Persian kings on the same day
  • In Shiraz, do not miss the Tomb of Hafez, the great Persian poet. There is a tea house with Persian sofas on which you can rest listening to the poems transmitted by the speakers. The custom is often to ask yourself a question about the future or life and randomly open Hafez's collection of poems to find your answers
  • In the Oranges Garden (Loft Ali Khan Blvd) there is one of the last remaining ateliers of Jovack art, in which the joints of small pieces of wood in natural colours make up delicate and unique inlaid jewels (IG @wood_and_diamond_gallery).
  • To the east of the Shiraz plain there is the Salt Lake of Maharloo which has almost 200 square kilometres of extension and is home to flamingos during their migrations. The peculiarity of this lake is the pink colour of the water in rainy periods
  • Go to the Pink Mosque of Shiraz between 8 and 10 in the morning to get the best light conditions and appreciate the kaleidoscope of colours
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