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  • DATE: 10-04-2020
  • PLACE: New York



  • There are too many possibilities in New York to name just a few. Here I report those that are still in my head after many year, memory of a trip I made with the University in 2011 - I was able to be a tourist only for 3 days.
  • Times Square far and wide, if possible, take a tour of Brodway. It feels a lot of "New York".
  • Walking in Manhattan, you will see that the bull balls in front of Wall Street are very shining.
  • Eat a mega cup of ice cream at Serendipity, yes, the one from the movie!
  • Go to MoMa and get lost for a few hours.
  • Going to Harlem and attending one of the functions in the neighborhood church is a good feeling and they really sing.
  • Don't miss China Town and Little Italy, a walk is a must!
  • Go to Coney Island, you can get there by metro and the walk across the amusement park and on the pier is worth the distance to travel.
  • Enter any bar in New York late at night, after midnight.
Coney Island 2
Coney Island