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  • DATE: 09-07-2020
  • PLACE: Milan





My Tips - Milan

My Tips – Milan

My Tips – Milan: things to do or see in the city, curiosities about places frequented by locals, events not to be missed.

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Words. Journey into emotions: anger.

Anger is an instinct in each of us, even very small children scream or throw objects, kick when something doesn't suit them.
There are various shades of it, from anger to impatience that almost all of us experience every day. 
Even a disease is given the name of "anger"! 
Anger, in the form of aggression, is a very present characteristic in our society, from political figures to funny "ugly Milanese" style gags ... 
Anger like other emotions creates an inner movement and takes us to other places.
This emotion, which often has a negative meaning, is essential and useful for living. With Massimo we want to explore it with you to discover its many aspects, behind which often there are more.

Audio and video available in Italian only.

0:50 Emozioni, alcuni concetti base 

1:42 La bella addormentata rivisitata, il personaggio di Malefica 

4:19 La strega cattiva 7:44 Un’emozione faticosa da gestire 

8:54 La rabbia è energia 

10:56 Lamento e accusa, Rif. a Freud 

12:17 Perché la rabbia fa così tanta paura? 

15:12 Il conflitto adulto, Rif. a Basaglia 

17:06 Campanello d’allarme 

19:34 Conseguenze comportamentali e la rabbia 

21:43 Funzione antidepressiva della rabbia 

23:20 Cit. Moby Dick, Melville 

25:24 Promuovere il conflitto puntando sul contenuto 

27:12 Non c’è nessuno che può farci arrabbiare 

28:28 Conclusione della storia di Malefica