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  • DATE: 01-06-2020
  • PLACE: Milan





My Tips - Milan

My Tips – Milan

My Tips – Milan: things to do or see in the city, curiosities about places frequented by locals, events not to be missed.

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Journey into the house of being,

The word Sincerity is the first stop on this 7 day journey to explore 7 words.

Like any journey, it is not only important to arrive at the destination, which we metaphorically identify as the meaning we usually give to words, but also what happens along the way.

Why is sincerity the first step? Because we would like, to start this journey, to show us as we are.

Get on our "word bus" for a tour where both the destination and the route are important. At the guide you will find Elisabetta who with Massimo will invite you to look at the landscape out of the window. 20 minutes of travel in the abode of being: language.

Audio and video available in Italian only.

0:33 Inizio 

1:39 Cit. da “Eleanor Oliphant sta benissimo” di Gail Honeyman 

2:55 “Sine cera”, origine 

4:24 Far vedere le crepe 

5:00 Non nascondersi 

6:46 Canova e il suo modo di fare scultura 

8:15 Senza tutto quello che mi separa dal mondo 

8:43 Kintsugi – riparare con l’oro 

10:00 Valore della cicatrice 

12:00 Cit. poesia “La mia sera” di Giovanni Pascoli 

12:50 La ferita di oggi 

15:42 Integrare 

16:28 Riuscire a stare fermi 

17:15 Passaggio da ferita a cicatrice: la pazienza 

18:54 Nascondere le debolezze? 

21:10 Cit. da “Aspettando Bojangles” di Olivier Bourdeaut