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  • DATE: 01-04-2020
  • PLACE: Jordan


recommended books - JORDAN

Letture consigliate Giordania

What we have in our head
Sumaya Abdel Qader

This book is in the Jordan section because of the origins of the author, Sumaya Abdel Qader, born in Perugia to a Jordanian mother and a Palestinian father. Now Sumaya is a councilor in the city council of Beppe Sala in Milan and has collaborated for the Netflix Skam Italia series to characterize the Muslim teenager protagonist.

In the recently published book, the protagonist - a Muslim woman mother of two teenage daughters - talks firsthand about her life in Milan, her friends, family, husband, mosque and her conscious choice to wear the veil. A common story, but one that has nothing in common with what we are used to see and read given the prejudices and closure that often spread in our society. "What we have in our head" (free translation from the Italian "Quello che abbiamo in testa" - literally "what we have on our head") is not about the veil but, as for every woman, what we believe in, so we get out of bed every day and make our way in the world, whatever the cultural background we live in and we come from is. This is a book against prejudice and for the sake of knowledge of an integral part of our population: women of Muslim religion.

Recommended books - Jordan