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  • DATE: 12-04-2019
  • PLACE: San Pietroburgo



  • Some of the Moscow metro stations are beautiful, especially the Dostoyevskaya and Mayakovskaya stops;
  • Take a tour of Moscow City, it is the area of Moscow's skyscrapers, full of offices but also of green spaces
  • Not very touristy, the medical academies’ district winds along an elegant street where there are the buildings of all the medical faculties
  • The statue of Peter the Great, czar from 1682 to 1725 and founder of the Nation, is in 7th place among the tallest statues in the world and in 1st place in Russia.
  • Moscow offers a lot for leisure time and nightlife, from the Ziferblats - the cafes where you pay for the time spent there - to the pubs and discos.
  • To get an image of romantic Soviet Russia, watch the 1969 film "Moscow does not believe in tears", the only Oscar obtained by Soviet Russia.
  • The dacha is the Russian countryside and it is nice to move to the areas just outside Moscow where before there were only wooden houses surrounded by greenery, while now there are real villas