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  • DATE: 02-04-2020
  • PLACE: Brazil


suggested books Brazil


The alchimist
Paulo Coelho

The best-known Brazilian author of our times, Coelho wrote the book in 1988 and was translated in 56 languages ​​selling millions of copies. The story is emblematic for all travelers. The Alchemist is the protagonist Santiago, the shepherd with recurrent dreams who decides to travel to Egypt.

Magical and spiritual, the book accompanies the reader in the exploration of what drives human beings to embark on a journey to discover the world: knowledge, love, listening to one’s heart and desires. Santiago finally returns home and, having become rich, finally decides to be together with his only love that he had left to pursue the journey.

The journey is a metaphor for the search of oneself, it is not possible to share our world with another person if we don’t find ourselves before.

Homem Livre
Danilo Perrotti Machado

Lucas has suggested me this book that is, for now, only in English. It tells the story of Danilo Perrotti Machado and cycling around the world. He leaves his hometown, Belo Horizonte, searching for himself, but also of the people and cultures of the world challenging himself and his physical strength, to reach the core of what means “being alive” to him. He crosses Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, then Oceania and the Americas to return, cross the Amazon, home again. A slow journey, marked by the rhythms of the author himself, which is a discovery – more than of the world – of his own infinite possibilities.

Homem livre