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  • DATE: 13-08-2020
  • PLACE: Aarhus


MY TIPS - Aarhus

  • A very nice little street in the center of Aarhus that gives a special touch to the city is Møllestien street. You can browse through the windows of these beautiful typical houses without being too insistent.
  • Latin Quarter, is the oldest district in the city with bars, restaurants and shops worthy of Danish hygge.
  • There is a canal street with many bars and restaurants, the Aboulevarden. You get there by returning to the city from Dokk 1.
  • Dokk 1 is the brand new and “futuristic” library in Aarhus. It overlooks the harbor and is a sight!
  • ARoS is the Aarhus Art Museum. You can notice it very well thanks to the "Your Rainbow Panorama" walkway by artist Olafur Eliasson installed on the top of the building: it reproduces the colors of the rainbow and you can walk inside.
  • Den Gamle By Museum is a truly impressive open-air museum. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, various traditional houses of the 1800s that risked ruin have been moved in this "neighborhood": shops, houses belonging to merchants, nobles were found, and then, in more recent times, shops and apartments were also transported from 1927 and 1974. You can enter many houses and there are also some museum operators in traditional dress and ready to answer your questions.
  • By chance we stumbled upon an out-of-town waterfront which appears to be a hangout spot on summer weekends. The road is called Orneredevej, you can park and enjoy the evening on the lawn observing what happens around: in addition to bathers and boats, we have also seen dolphins!
  • You can take a ferry (book online, see Molslinjen website) to get to Odden in Zeeland and then reach Copenhagen.
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