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  • DATE: 16-07-2020
  • PLACE: Milan





My Tips - Milan

My Tips – Milan

My Tips – Milan: things to do or see in the city, curiosities about places frequented by locals, events not to be missed.

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Words. Journey into emotions: sadness.

Is sadness a lack, a feeling of lack of something ... a form of loneliness? something that has been and won't come back? 
In our culture it is not good to show negative emotions, but sadness is part of us, as are joy, or fear and anger. 
In other cultures sadness does not have the same negative value, but it is a bridge to something new. And here the sadness turns into poetry, song, music. 
In Brazil every 30th January the "dia da saudade" is celebrated, it is the presence in the absence, the homeland we left and never comes back, the sweet melancholy that opens up space to desire, to the enthralling rhythm of the samba ...

1:33 Cit. Ballata triste, F. Garcia Lorca

5:24 Tristezza, una convivenza complicata

7:06 Melancolia, bile nera, cit. Ippocrate

8:53 Elemento del ritiro

11:26 Depressione è diversa da un’emozione

12:22 Senso di vuoto

15:22 Dolore e pressione sociale

17:47 Il “problema” della morte

21:48 Cit. W. Benjamin, Capitalismo come religione

23:28 La condizione delle donne

26:46 Il paradosso del futuro

30:45 Toda Saudade, Gilberto Gil